Members of Hindu Endowments Board (HEB), Hindu Advisory Board (HAB), HEB temples and HEB-Ashram committees are deeply saddened by the demise of Mr M Param. He was involved as a member of the HEB, HAB and temples since 1979. For almost 40 years he helmed key positions and last held the position of Vice Chairman of HEB. He guided the temple management committees in milestone decisions. Under his leadership, the HEB temples saw growth and redevelopment. He encouraged the participation of younger volunteers and motivated temple leadership which took the HEB temples to greater heights. He was also involved in community organisations, as well as several non-HEB temples as a trustee and advisor for major projects.

Mr Param was recognised for his contributions to the community and nation with PBM and BBM awards. His legacy carries on in many of the initiatives currently in place at HEB. Mr Param is deeply missed and dearly remembered.

Asato maa sadgamaya | From falsehood lead me to truth
Tamaso maa jyotirgamaya | From darkness lead me to light
Mṛityormaamṛtaṃ gamaya | From death lead me to immortality 
– Bṛihadaraṇyaka Upanishad, 1.3.28

எல்லாப் பிறப்பும் பிறந்திளைத்தேன் எம்பெருமான்
மெய்யேஉன் பொன்னடிகள் கண்டின்று வீடுற்றேன்  (சிவபுராணம் – திருவாசகம்)

Click here for the eulogy read by Mr Rajan Krishnan (Chairman, Hindu Endowments Board) at the funeral of Mr M Paramanthan on 18 August 2023 at Mandai Crematorium.