Day: March 12, 2019

About Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple

Administered by the Chettiars’ Temple Society, Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple is located at the junction of Keong Saik Road and Kreta Ayer Road. Built in 1925 and located in the bustling commercial area of Singapore, the temple attracts hundreds of devo...

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Sri Ayyappan

The Importance of Lighting a ‘Deepa’ (lamp)

In most Hindu homes, a deepa (lamp) is usually lighted at the altar. Some even maintain an ‘akhanda deepa’ or a continuous lighted lamp. The light of the deepa represents the divine light of God. It also symbolizes knowledge and enlightenment that eradica...

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Shruti- The Vedas (Part 3)

Brahmanas In comparison with the Mantras, the Brahmanas are concerned with practical everyday things, with elaborate details for the proper conduct of sacrificial rites and with specific duties and rules for the conduct of ceremonies. They also explain t...

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Phase 2: Opening hours of Temples administered by HEB.

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