During Phase 2, temples will still only be able to allow a limited number of devotees into their premises and offer limited services.

Temples will follow the points of the advisory released by MCCY on 2 August 2020. The advisory emphasised the following:

  • Devotees can come in groups. Each group size of devotees should not exceed 5 devotees. They need not be from the same household. All need to keep a safe distance from each other unless they are from the same household. Each group of 5 must remain separate and cannot co-mingle on entering the temple.
  • A maximum of 50 devotees can be in the temple at any one time. This includes all Ubayakarars, devotees on Pre-Booked services, Sannathi weddings etc. Based on space and the ability to provide safe distancing, a temple may decide to admit lesser number of devotees.
  • There should be no physical interaction between worshippers from different households.
  • Safe distancing must always be maintained between Priests / Temple staff and the worshippers in the temple.
  • Worshippers must also minimise their time spent in the temple.

Under Phase 2, 

  • Hindu temples will be limited in the kind of religious service they can offer.
  • Temples will implement a system designed that is suitable for the temple adhering to the conditions of the advisory.
  • Some temples may only allow pre-booked services while others may allow walk-ins.
  • The temples may also follow a pre-booking time slots system before a devotee or family arrives at the temple entrance.
  • Please call the temple you want to visit beforehand to find out the system they are implementing to avoid any disappointment.
  • Devotees will not be allowed to stay in the temple for prolonged periods or consume any blessed food inside the temples.
  • Temples will not offer Theertham, Vibhuthi, Kumkumamor Thulasi in the hands of a devotee. Likewise, there will not be any Sadari blessings done.
  • Kalanjiand/or Prasadam may, at the discretion of the temple, be provided in such a way minimising contact.
  • Designated tables may be set to receive and give any materials for or from the temple sanctum.
  • Devotees will be asked to register using SafeEntry when being allowed into the temple.
  • They can use their mobile phone, SingPass or Identity Card (IC) for scanning.
  • Temperature will be taken before entry and those who display temperature of 37.5 degrees or above will be denied entry.
  • All visitors/ devotees must wear a face mask inside a temple complex and observe safe distancing strictly.
  • All are requested to follow instructions displayed or told by those managing the process.
  • Devotees are advised to get in touch directly with the temple/s which they regularly visit for more information.

Information on solemnisation and Kattu Thali weddings 

  • Temples are allowed to conduct in-person marriage solemnisations and Kattu Thali weddings in Phase 2. Please check with the Temples on bookings.
  • The solemnisations and Kattu Thali weddings can be attended by up to 50 persons (excluding solemniser, religious and supporting workers).
  • Persons attending the solemnisation/ wedding must maintain a 1 metre safe distancebetween groups, with each group made up of not more than 5 persons. An exception can be made for a core ‘wedding party’ comprising up to 20 persons (including the couple and their two witnesses). There should be no intermingling or mixing between groups nor between the ‘wedding party’ and these other attendees.
  • Attendees for the solemnisation or wedding must leave the Temple immediately after the event. There may not be any reception with food and drinks, or wedding celebrations that are not essential religious rites.
  • Please check with the Temples on solemnisation or wedding bookings.

Information on Hindu funerals, ash collection and sea front prayers. 

  • On the day of funeral, the advisory allows 30 persons or less to be present at the funeral, not counting the priest and the funeral company employees.
  • If a priest is not available, the casket company engaged usually will carry out the funeral rites as per norm and your practice.
  • The ash collection and visit to the sea front to perform the last rites can only have groups of 5 persons and not exceeding 30 persons in total.
  • Please note that families could be held accountable if they were to breach the Phase 2 rules on the number of persons allowed at the sea front.
  • Families must inform NParks ([email protected]) with the Date and Time of the prayer service, and Names of Attendees.
  • Families do not need to wait for NParks' reply to proceed.
  • Families can only use Changi Beach Carpark 7. (see attached from NParks for the location).
  • Families should ensure that all attending the prayers are wearing the face masks and safe distancing is practiced.

Information on Athmasanthi prayers, Thevasams and Tharpanams 

  • In Phase 2, Temples will continue to conduct Athmasanthi prayers, Thevasams, Tharpanams and death anniversary prayers for the deceased where only up to 5 persons in a group can attend the prayer.

Priests conducting home-based prayers

  • Temples are allowed to take outdoor bookings, that is, for any home-based events and to other outdoor venues.
  • Temples may or may not accept such bookings based on availability of priests and the ability to provide adequate safe management measures and safeguard the resident priests at the temple.
  • In Phase 2, each household is allowed to have 5 visitors. The priest visiting the house is counted as 1 of the visitors. The household can then invite 4 other guests.  

We seek the cooperation and understanding of all Hindu devotees in these difficult times. We pray for the well-being of everyone in Singapore. 

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