Sri Drowpathai Amman Kodiyetram at Sri Mariamman Temple

Livestream starts at 5:05pm

Livestream starts at 6:45pm

  • Devotees can participate in Sri Drowpathai Amman Paalkuda Abishegam at 10:00am.
    • Purchase the paalkudam receipts at the Temple office or online at
    • ONLY pre-prepared paalkudam by the Temple will be allowed as offerings by devotees.
    • Devotees taking part in paalkudam are allowed to circumambulate the Temple one time to fulfil their vows.
  • No archanais and pre-booked services in the evening.
  • Devotees will be able to observe the special prayers within the Temple from:
    • 5:05pm: Karagam preparation and procession for Sri Drowpathai Amman within Temple
    • 6:00pm: Evening Poojai
    • 6:45pm: Homam, Puniyavajanam and Vasthusanthi
    • 7:45pm: Special Prayers at Sri Drowpathai Sanctum
    • 8:30pm: Deity Procession
    • 9:15pm: Sri Drowpathai Amman Kodiyetram
    • 9:45pm: Reading of Maha Bharatham
    • 10:00pm: Distribution of Prasatham
  • Mask must be worn at all times.
  • Watch the livestream from 5:05pm at or
  • For more details, please call 62234064 or visit

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