Aadi Amavasai will be observed on Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Important Information:

  1. Aadi Amavasai will be observed on Aadi 31st (Wednesday, 16.08.2023) 
    This year, in the month of Aadi, there will be two Amavasai Thithis. Whenever two Amavasai Thithis falls in the same month, the second Amavasai Thithi should be observed. This practice had been indicated in the Shastras and the calendars also confirms the same. Devotees are requested to observe the Aadi Amavasai on Wednesday, 16.08.2023 and offer their Tharpanam and Athamasanthi prayers.
  2. Online pre-booking is mandatory for all devotees to offer Tharpanam. No direct walk-in purchase.
  3. Book your slot at https://bit.ly/aadiamavasai2023 from Monday, 17 July 2023.
  4. Be present only 15 minutes before your allocated time slot.
  5. Devotees are advised to walk through the designated pathway without stopping and to leave the Temple premises immediately upon completing their prayers.
  6. For more details, please call 67434566.

The event is finished.