Kara-darshana Prayer

Kara-darshana Prayer

Kara-darshana or looking at one’s palms is done as one awakes from sleep in the morning. This simple prayer is performed while sitting straight in bed. Join both palms and while looking at both palms, recite the following:

Karaagre vasate lakshmi
Kara madhye sarasvati
Kara mole tu govinda
Prabhaate karadarshanam

At the tip of my palms lives Lakshmi; in the middle, Sarasvati and at the base of the palm, Govinda. This is how I look at my palms in the morning.

Benefit of performing kara-darshana:
This prayer helps to start the day with the positive affirmation that we have the capacity to do everything we want to accomplish in the day ahead. Repeating this positive affirmation daily reinforces the connection between the neurons in the brain and strengthens their bond. This can help to improve one’s mood, learning, memory and cognition.

When we change our position from horizontal (while sleeping) to vertical position (while standing), the body adjusts itself by constricting the blood vessels and prompting the heart to beat a little faster. The extra beats and the constricted blood vessels exert more effort on the heart. You may even feel a little giddy should you stand up suddenly. Hence, it usually advised to sit for a few seconds before standing. Doing so allows our body some time adjust and stabilise our heart rate.

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