Why do Hindus offer food to Go...

Why do Hindus offer food to God before consuming it?

God is Supreme – the creator and sustainer of all life. Whatever seeds we sow, cultivate and finally harvest are only because of God’s blessings and grace. So out of gratitude and devotion, we offer the specially prepared food to God. This is then shared and distributed as prasadam or blessed food. Offering naivedyam (food) to the Lord is part of ritualistic worship in all Hindu Temples.

The Lord is omnipotent and omniscient. All that we do is by His strength and knowledge alone. Hence, we acknowledge this through the act of offering food to Him. After the food is graced by God, it becomes prasadam (blessed food), which is pure and holy.

Knowing this, our entire attitude to food and the act of eating changes. The food offered will naturally be pure and the best. We share what we get with others before consuming it. When eaten with gratitude, the prasadam purifies the mind and senses.

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