The Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) is a statutory body set up under the Hindu Endowments Act in 1968. Its role, as set out in the Act, is to administer those endowments placed under its administration.

The word “endowment” is defined in the Act to mean any endowment in land, building or money given for the support of any Hindu temple or other Hindu purpose. The endowments administered by the Board are:

Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Sri Sivan Temple

Sri Vairavimada Kaliamman Temple

Under the Act, the Hindu Endowments Board also has supervisory powers over the accounts of all Hindu endowments in Singapore- even those not administered by the Board. Any person managing an endowment is obliged, at the request of the Hindu Endowments Board, to attend before the Board and answer questions in relation to the endowment.

The Hindu Endowments Board comprises a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Finance Member and 12 members who are appointed by the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth. To be appointed, a member must be both a Singapore citizen and a Hindu. Appointments are for a period of three years each. The Secretary of the Board is a public officer appointed by the Minister.

In addition to managing 4 temples, the Board administers a half way house (HEB-Ashram). Major Hindu festivals like Thaipusam and Firewalking are organised by the Board.


The Board’s involvement in community service is broad based. A health fair providing free medical counseling and health screening services is held annually. Educational bursaries are available to under privileged Hindu children through the Sivadas-HEB Education Fund. Disadvantaged Hindu families receive aid in the form of monthly provisions through the Board’s Gift from the Heart programme.

The Board actively supports inter faith activities and is a member of the Inter-Religious Organization, Singapore.

The Hindu Endowments Board welcomes anyone who is interested in volunteering their services for the various events and festivals it conducts annually.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the Board activities listed below kindly contact the Administrative Manager at telephone: 6296 3469.

Alternatively, if you wish to offer your services for any of the religious events or festivals conducted at any one of the Board administered temples, please contact the temples directly.

We are also on the lookout for persons who may be able to assist us in the following areas. When you contact us, please indicate the area of participation you are interested in:

For National Events and Festivals:


Food Distribution







Board members are drawn from a cross-section of leading and prominent figures from the public and private sectors of the Indian community. Besides overseeing policies and strategies for the development and promotion of the religious events in Singapore, members advise on the planning and operation of Hindu temples, major projects and schemes. The Minister for Culture, Community and Youth has appointed the following persons to be members of the Hindu Endowments Board until 31 May 2026.


Mr Rajan Krishnan

Vice Chairman:

Assoc Prof Narayanan Ganapathy

Finance Member:

Mr Balasubramaniam Janamanchi


Mr Satish s/o Appoo


Mr Lakshmanan s/o Seenivasakan
Mr Yoganathan Ammayappan
Mr V Selvam
Mr N Prushuathamun
Mr Krishnan Muthappan
Dr Jayaram Lingamanaicker
Mr Chinniah Kunnasagaran
Mr Vijakumar Sethuraj

Mr Ranvir Kumar Singh
Mr Ramesh Selvaraj
Mr Kandhavel s/o Periyasamy

In 1985, the Hindu Advisory Board (HAB) was established to advise the Government and the Hindu Endowments Board on matters of Hindu religion and customs. The Hindu Advisory Board functions under a constitution. The Hindu Advisory Board is made up of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and 9 members. All members of the Board are appointed by the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth. The following persons were appointed to serve on the Hindu Advisory Board until 31 May 2026.


Mr Sengkuttuvan Kanniyappan

Vice Chairman:

Ms Balakrishna Madhubala


Mr Kanna Kannappan


Ms Susila Ganesan
Mr Shankar s/o Naganambalagaran Ramasamy
Mr Dinesh Vasu Dash
Ms Akila Vijay Iyengar
Mr Raja Sekaran s/o M Vellu
Mr Thirupura Sundaram Shanmugam
Mr R Rajaram
Mr Gautam Narasimhan
Mr Sivakkumaran s/o Govindasamy