Medical Support Service


The service was initially offered every Sunday between 3.00 and 5.00 pm in the first few years it was introduced. In recent years however the service is offered through a Health Fair held annually. At the Health Fair, in addition to free health screening and medical counseling, there is a medical forum which focuses on causes, treatment and prevention of common life threatening diseases. Participants at the Health Fair can opt for free blood cholesterol and glucose screening height and weight checks as well as BMI measurements, body fat analysis, and blood pressure checks. To cater to the Tamil speaking population Health Fairs are conducted in Tamil too.

Medical Support Services also provides static medical coverage for large- scale religious events like Fire Walking Ceremony and Thaipusam Festival.


Members of the public can register their contact details with the Hindu Endowments Board to take advantage of the free medical services provided during the Health Fairs. Announcements on upcoming Health Fairs will me made through the local media and call us to register for the free health screening and forums.