About Us

Hindu Youth Network (Singapore) set up the auspices of Hindu Endowments Boards on 10 April 2020 aims to build a vibrant network of Hindu Youths of ages between 18 years old and 35 years old, and empower our Hindu youths to make well-informed religious choices by broadening their perspectives on Hinduism, and deepening their understanding of our scriptural teachings and its relevance in daily living.

Our Identity

The round emblems in the logo represent the connectedness between Hindu Youths that we aim to achieve through sharing of experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.

Our Core Initiatives & Involvement
  • Hindu Youth Retreat
  • Hindu Youth Fellowship
  • Thematic Content Research & Curation
  • Social Service Activities
  • Thematic Talks & Programmes
Connect With Us To Explore Hinduism


Be A Volunteer with Hindu Youth Network

If you are a Hindu youth of ages between 18 and 35 years old, and looking to volunteer your time and effort by researching and curating thematic content or conceptualising and planning programmes for fellow Hindu youths  with interest to better understand Hinduism, why not join us?

Why volunteer with Hindu Youth Network?
  • Broaden your perspectives and knowledge on Hinduism
  • Expand your skill set and gain hands-on experiences by volunteering and contributing to the society
  • Meet new friends and connect with like-minded people

If you would like to be involved with Hindu Youth Network and its initiatives, please sign up to be a member!